Our Perception Shapes Our Reality

In this day and age, it is a tangible fact that our perception shapes our reality. That is the reason two people have a different interpretation while living the same event. The meaning we give to events is based on our beliefs and emotions. So, to change our world, all it takes is a shift in perception?

Is that even remotely true? And if it is, how can it be possible? Then, if probable, how can we shape our reality to create a better one?

Well, what we perceive defines what we believe. In turn, what we believe determines what we take to be true. And what we take to be real becomes our reality. So then, our perception shapes our reality. Even though you and I live in the same world, we tend to focus on what we perceive as truth.

Even if most human beings have eyes, the way in which each one of us views the world is quite a bit different. It is always easy to find something one seeks, but it is harder to see what one is not searching for. A person may see a glass half-full while the other sees it as half-empty.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

Perception Is Relative
So, examples about how perception shapes our reality abound. When we buy a new white car, we suddenly see that color and model seemingly everywhere we turn our head. If we do like or dislike a song, it seems that we hear it quite often. When someone points out a manner or a nervous tic that another person exhibit, it seems like we now see it more often after that moment.

Therefore, our emphasis is related to what we are expecting to see. Ever notice how ten bystanders can witness the same event, but then give ten different accounts later on. It is the reason why we usually perceive what we are looking for, and often miss what we are not searching for. And it is often done unconsciously because our perception shapes the reality around us.

As a result, what people perceive is usually based on what they believe, hear, see and think. Most of the time, we are unable to control what happens, but we can always control our responses.

Perception and Our Brain
Today we live in a digital age with an all running cycle of news being put out each second. So, another little detail I like to mention is that we are bombarded with 2 million bits of data per second. And yes, it is an actual fact!

How is it relevant to our perception shaping our reality? Well, our brain can only process around 120 bits a second as human beings. So it means that we cannot process all of the information around us or thrown at us during the days.

Therefore, our brain erases, deletes and removes information, even distorts it or generalizes it for us to make sense of it. It is created based on our beliefs, values, memories and more. Did you ever buy something to only notice after that everyone has it or that there is more of it around you? Yes, it happens to all of us because our perception shapes our reality.

Does Perception Shapes Reality?
Ask anyone out there if things do exist, and they would probably answer that “Yes, of course, things exist!” Everyone recognizes that there is physical stuff on earth and in the universe, and that reality is concrete and real! But let’s go, for a moment, a little deeper on how perception shapes reality.

So, what allows you, us, a chair, or any other object to exist? Consider it for an instant. If an object did not have any borders, it would become a part of something else and could not be distinguished anymore. In other words, it would cease to exist. Even emotions only exist because we have given them names.

The part we play in how our perception shapes and creates our reality can be perceived in many facets of life. Just watch these fantastic and surreal video effects made of a man who runs up the stairs but does not move forward, walks through a door that is not real, pushes on a wall which falls away revealing another living block. And you will then soon realize that reality as we know it, could not just change, but completely be transformed.

Delusional Perception Can Also Be Reality
If something delusional is perceived as reality by someone, it can also become a reality. A lot of predetermined ideas can affect us physically as well as mentally. It has an emotional impact on us if we ingest a placebo, eat food that tastes different after we read, or hear about the ingredients.

Thus, our perception shapes our reality and even affects our emotions, attitude, outlook, and spirit. That is the reason some people see a reflection of the light while others may see the shape of something holy. Some tend to perceive miracles of God while others believe of a simple twist of fate.

As a result, we can manipulate our mind to create the reality we want. We can also influence our frame of mind to block some unneeded facts. The best example for this is when we drive laid-back, and we do not seem to realize all of the idiots that we notice when we are driving in a hurry. Therefore, our mind’s perception shapes and can create our reality as solid as we believe it to be.

Perception and Our View of the World
I believe that if we can alter the lens through which we see the world, we can change our reality. Our perception is shaped and made by our background and our previous experiences. So, depending on what we value and assume, we should be able to look at a situation and form a judgment about what we see. Thus, we can make our perception shape what is around us and make it our reality.

So, if we do not like the way our life is going, we can always take control of our perception of reality. We are in charge of our story the last time I checked. Everyone in life can shape and create their reality.

Perception shapes reality. The foundation of this idea is that it alters our actions and therefore it becomes real. If we think our night is going to go horribly, we will subconsciously change our actions so that this prediction gets fulfilled by our actions. So be careful because often, the manner we perceive reality is painted by how we want it to happen rather than simply of the way it is.

Our Perception Shapes Our Reality
Likewise, in our lives, any of the choices, decisions, actions, or observations we make is significantly filtered by our perception. Although social forces, news media, and spiritual powers are always trying to alter our behaviors, shape our views, or encourage our actions, it is still possible for us to modify our perception to see more. We just have to learn to open our minds broader than our senses.

We have to realize and understand that our perception shapes our reality! And quantum physics makes us grasp the fact that there are a lot more information and possibilities out there still unknown to us. In a way, it is quite exciting!

It is imperative to be aware of our perception because if we are not, something else or someone else will create it for us. Remember, our perception shapes our reality. It is our life, so we have to choose how we are going to live it. Therefore if we are to change our reality, then we must change the way we perceive things.

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